A fresh beginning.

As I claimed in the About Page, having a personal blog set up is a long-wanted thing on my bucket list.

Now the box is checked, finally.

It’s always surprising to have all these years wasted in wanting a personal blog but doing literally nothing. Crystal clearly I know that anyone in dream of writing something on the Internet should have a blog running indepently from these babysitters even not being tech-savvy, period.

The moment finnaly came, I made up my mind that I should jump out of the trap set by Qzone and many other blogging-like service provider like Jianshu (but thumbs up for Medium), and of course, my laziness. And, really do something.

Thankfully I started out, and I won't call it a miss.

The basic idea is to make this a place where I can have a rest, like, a home on the Internet. It is expected that I will share new gadgets, trends, perspectives and thoughts on great works of liberal arts. If you see any older post, that would be my previous posts somewhere else(mostly in Chinese).

I am grateful to those who provide tools that I used during the setting up of this blog. Also i would like to thank my friends, families and my girlfriend to keep me company during my looooong feeling down.

Like Jeremy Clarkson said on his DriveTribe: My Tribe, My Rules.

Yes, My Blog, My Rules.